JW (9-20-92 / Dallas)

As I Lay Dying

As I lay dying
I lay alone on this dark cold street
Bleeding slowly to death
But only in my dreams
Do I awake from this dreadful nightmare
The only thing I remember,
Was kissing you fore the last time

As I lay dying
Questioning every step of death
Is this the end?
Will I ever see u again?
My eyes start to close shut
When I hear your sweet, loving voice calling my name
I turn to see you there
Fore now I know you love me!
But the fight isn't over
Not for now!

Death walks alone with me tonight
I see my life flash before my eyes
Everything I thought I had
Everything I thought I loved
Is gone, no where to be found

The rain starts to pour
Washing the blood down the street
To see the rain drops on your face
Reminds me of the time we first meet
These memories are slowly fading away
Death as a tight hold on me
I most go, for I can not look past what is in front of me
The time has come for me to say goodbye
I will see u again my friend

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Comments (3)

ahh, i love it! its really good in writing, and i love the meaning
I love this poem. the pain and agony shows real well. and how you must go on and cannot go back.....awwww the pictures in my head are visual. :) great job
I gave this a 6. I could not give it a higher number because if I read a piece three times and cannot decide what is being said by the writing then it is a failure to me. GW62