As I Lay In This State

Poem By Bryan LeBlanc

As I lay in this state
I am surrounded by darkness
And I can’t help but wait
As the light shines through

As the time goes by
The darkness fades
And I can’t help but cry
As the light begins to shine

As I begin to see
I think of the light
And how it set me free
As I start to wake

As I lay in this state
I see no darkness
And it’s not too late
To follow the light

As I lay in this state...

Comments about As I Lay In This State

this poem is awesome i love poetry you should check out some of my poetry too you are a creative writer and i would like to get to know you.........i like getting to know people
Very nice my friend, interesting poem of hope. I agree w/ some of the comments below, you have a gift to develop
i like it, very nice; ]
you do have a real writting gift i really hope that you write more cause you are really great i love this poem
Beautifully written. You have a gift for writting! Write more! ! ! !

3,5 out of 5
5 total ratings

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