As I Lay My Head

Poem By nadia badilla

As I lie my head to rest hopping of no tomorrow.because I wonder why the world will wake up, and understand the pain of a women that sheds her every tear and breath for piece on earth.As she feels so much sorrow for man kind I should say women kind but that kinda sounds funny. No human see her its as if she has no won to love her. Not even a mother or a father or sister the reason is because no right human being took the time too. What people did was take her heart and crush it like you do a can of soda.I long for piece love and free will wondering if I will ever have it. I asked God to please take me if I am to die for peoples sins. Well Im still here not knowing why.When I read my bible I found myself as someone in the bible.If thats true and I feel it with all my heart where do I go? I no that we shall not kill our self but Im given No choice. All I do is give my daughter heart ache because she sees a mom that had life.She looks at me as if where's mom. That look scares me so make me that I should vanish from the earth. So she may feel piece. I love her so and that xanex will love me. If this is my last poem then you no I am gone.If I come back then that means god has spoken to me. I love you all, and to my blue, yellow and butterfly. You will always be in my heart but no human should ever have to feel this mush sorrow. for all she wanted was truth and love and friends.No won ever loved her she walks this earth with no purpose other then the lab monkey they have maid her. God Bless You All

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notable and distinct............good write

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