One Way Out...

I understand the fight in her eyes
tension thick as a dagger's blow
piercing even the most deadly of foes

her hate, the distaste, the utter misery
as strong as he seems, her might overcomes
he is forced to fall, fail, the pains of defeat
she has his heart, power in her fingertips
his pain surges through his body,
he is useless,
doesn't matter.
she has taken his soul
manipulated his emotions to fit her scheme
his eyes fade and his will
his will to fight,
to try and survive,
doesn't surface,
pain pulses with every second ticking by...

she thinks she won
she thinks the fight is done
the pain to her is a happy sight
but horror is her only reaction
he found the only way out
the way to win
the way to make do with his eventual sin
no more will this pain surge
the dagger within', the life a blur

by Thomas Spencer

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