As I Leave

As I touch the thorns that pour down as blood,
I'm carried in this life away.
My tears of sorrow, pour down like a flood,
But my memory in this life does stay. Though I leave this life in the bitter rain,
There's few that shall notice me gone.
My lovers and friends are left to remain,
And shall not see me at dawn. I take away the sorrow and pain that is near,
That was left for the ones that I love.
I take away the guilt so they can see clear,
I take it to the heavens above. Deep in my soul, I hold all this pain,
Though it renders me heartless and weak.
I take all the darkness, so that you are sane,
And the pain, I shall never speak. Though I might not be in the heavens around,
My Love for all is so true.
To hell I might be eternally bound,
Because I take the pain that burdens you.

by Tracy Lee Luoma

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