HG (1986 / Wisconsin)

As I Lie Awake

Eagerly waiting on what dreams
Waits for me on this...
Cool and collected mid-summer nigh'.

To welcome my request into fantasy
Crickets whistle slowly fades,
I am delivered into a refreshing ride.

As I lie awake,
Hypnosis transfers my surreal mind,
Touches my emotions, as I fall asleep.

I'm battling between two comas,
Two separate lives.
In confusion, new scenery comes to life.

I am aware,
But my other life remains in control.
I allow it like a child lost in a book.

Are dreams just pure fantasies?
Or reality waiting
For the time to be revealed for a purpose.

Taking notes on each episode,
For each season.
To the illusion of what's to hold.

by H.M. Gautsch

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