As I Meet You

When I meet you in thin air spread over a time
Yet ever extending, . I rock you in quest of love
You sneak to me to my soul more deeper within
Shimmering like an angel with magical wings

You tune to my soul razzling over my passion
Engulfing me and my whole being steeped in love
When you slowly swaddle across the the youth
Driven by the will intemperate reasoned to the swing.

Yet I do not know reason that reasoned the love
That happens to happen as dew falling from night
And my enchanted soul ramified for searching upon
The smiles in response to my passion’s light divine

by Dr subhendu kar

Comments (11)

beautiful poem filled by warm passion and needs..enjoyed the reading...10+++++
Dr Subhendu, you poems are really nice, each competing the other. i like this slab especially as a beautiful revelation of love and the smooth flowing of love which you have amazingly potrayed from your words bonded me till the end.. i loved it. thanks for sharing... ric
Hello Dr subhendu kar, Very sensitively... Fine poems... Thanks you for the comment... Kindest regards, Tsira
Very well chosen Beauty filled words....and extremily romantic and an enjoyable read that pulls you in and makes you remember when you feel like your floating and in Love.It feels amazing doesn't it..... Keep sharing I Love the words you string together most likely with little effort. ((Smile)) at least that is what it seems when the reader pours over them. Take care of u Shelley
dr shahib you sound like a famous urdu poet faiz ahmed faiz, same romanticism same beauty and imagination
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