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As I Remember Neptune Beach
MLK ( / Alameda, California)

As I Remember Neptune Beach

Oh, I remember a tower high
A vision of pink reaching toward the sky;
Approaching its entrance we ran to the gate,
How exciting it's portals, we could hardly wait.

To the left there were games of so many great themes
I would see them tonight again in my dreams.
"Step right up, little lady," the barker would say,
"six balls for a nickel for you today."

Happy bells from the stand of the Merry-Go-Round,
and the laughter of all with the treasures we found.
On my steed of great size I would ride with delight;
My tiny hands clinging with all my might.

Down the stairs for a picnic, two or three at a time,
Then back up again, this was never a climb.
The vastness of Neptune reached out to the bay;
It was really too much to explore in a day.

Ice cream, candy, and snow cones were extra treats, too,
The older folks especially enjoyed the view.
Neptune Beach, I remember your sun and your shade,
A memory so precious will never fade.
Love One Another The Lord is with me, He is with my brother
God is with all who love one another.

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