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As I Remember Neptune Beach

Oh, I remember a tower high
A vision of pink reaching toward the sky;
Approaching its entrance we ran to the gate,
How exciting it's portals, we could hardly wait.

To the left there were games of so many great themes
I would see them tonight again in my dreams.
"Step right up, little lady," the barker would say,
"six balls for a nickel for you today."

Happy bells from the stand of the Merry-Go-Round,
and the laughter of all with the treasures we found.
On my steed of great size I would ride with delight;
My tiny hands clinging with all my might.

Down the stairs for a picnic, two or three at a time,
Then back up again, this was never a climb.
The vastness of Neptune reached out to the bay;
It was really too much to explore in a day.

Ice cream, candy, and snow cones were extra treats, too,
The older folks especially enjoyed the view.
Neptune Beach, I remember your sun and your shade,
A memory so precious will never fade.
Love One Another The Lord is with me, He is with my brother
God is with all who love one another.

by Muriel Leonora Krueger


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