As I Slowly Fall Apart

I hate the thought of you being with someone else
Your supposed to be mine and only mine

I wanted it to be forever
Till the end of time
You and me
No one else
My feelings were released
I told you the way I felt

The way I loved you
And what you meant
The way I need you
I wanted to be more than your friend

Maybe boyfriend and girlfriend
Hubby and wifey
Our own trend
I love you baby

Why can't you see that
We belong together
Bonnie and Clyde back to back
I wish they made them like you still
Finding someone like that is impossible
Even though you never told me the way you feel

I still want to be your model
Picturing us married and having kids
Being true in every way
Even the highest bid

Not for you my baby
Or at least thats what I want
I don't know about you
But you forever will haunt my heart
As I slowly fall apart.

by Tiara Neal

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Sad, it's his loss not yours: -) try and think of it like that Yours sincerely Marissa: -)