EIF (29.08.1985 / Australia)

[as I Turn To Stone]

As my hand gently embraces the clay,
I am reminded of a mortal calamity.
I drink to suppress the pain…
So many years spent,
Perfecting this image of you.
So lifelike it feels,
I am drawn closer…....

I brush your face,
My fingers slide across your eyes
As I remember waking up to those starry skies.
Down to your concrete lips.
The night we first kissed,
You smiled at me,
you promised you’d never leave.
I touch your frozen breasts,
As I continue to wrap myself around you waist.
Remembered for your fallen grace.
My tears disperse on your shoulder.
As though you rejected my sadness.

I fall crying asleep,
From thinking of you…
I awoke to see your face again.
My back throbbed, As I look in the mirror
A scar that covered my entire body.
Like a crack at the seam,
Of God’s design.
I see the same symbol over you.

Each part of the morning, I grew with a rash.
Dark and grey, like an angry cloud.
My body felt heavier. Sorrow became intense.
I started to believe you wanted revenge from me.
My leg’s froze, that one spot I fell.
As I slowly turn to stone.

I watch you…
As this sculpture cracks.
The exterior of inferior self.
Your keen want of demand.
As you become real, I freeze….

I’m covered in clay,
I can no longer speak…
My eyes are the only thing that’s real.
I saw you come life...
I gave you this life…
You stared at me,
But I had already died…..
A sacrifice well deserved.
A concrete tear falls once again.

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Very powerful expression...
Again I can't say enough about your writing skills. So I will simply thank you.