A bouquet of flowers
fills you with joy
But won't last more than a day
How much ever you stitch
and add the length
The perfection will be
less than imperfection
And so the thirst for true love
Is endless and
Wordly pleasures can't fulfill

by Rini Shibu

Comments (5)

Nice way to explain the life and death, terse and profound...
One of my favorite poems, but I wish he didn't ever write the parenthesized part. It is the poetic equivalent of a comedian explaining his joke after everyone already laughed...
This poem definitely showed me that you can look at many things in this world and find a deeper meaning to it. Even if it is something as simple as ploughing and harvesting, there is always something deeper you can find by just thinking about it. I really enjoyed the poem.
I like this poem because Walt Whitman describes how the life and death of everything can be seen in our surroundings and that people create and destroy life just as they do everything else in nature.
I liked this poem because so many other poets have compared life and death to something in nature, but here I see something deeper. He's comparing life and death to the fields growing their crops, but its only by the will of a man that they are put there, and it is only by the will of a man that they are taken away.