PE (May 27 / Fort Polk, Louisiana)

As I Watched My Parents Murder

I cry out in shame
As I watched my parents murder
I don’t think I’ll ever be the same
He is what I call my abuser

I rock back and forth
Waiting for him to find me
He started talking about the north
And I could have sworn me he could see

For he walked right to my hiding place
But walked away taking something with him
I needed to get out of this space
But I knew he was still here I couldn't chance that whim

So I waited
Each moment that passed a little piece of me disintegrated
I faded
I was slowly denigrated

I waited for two days
Not chancing that he was still here
So I counted the ways
To see per chance that my parents were still there

I am alone
Forgotten and broken
I will never see the love stone for it was thrown
I want my parents back even though the will never ever be woken

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no words wow 10 from me
Very sad but very good
great job Payton. i loved reading it. i felt as though i was wacthing it all. great job. very sad, but expressed beautifully. seems like you have been through alot. the only thing you can do is make things better for yourself and to stay strong