As If

As if I'm a fresh water fish in the sea,
I feel so lost
As if I'm a puddle stomped in,
I feel so empty
As if i'm a half empty hour glass,
I feel so deprived of time
As if i'm a mouse in a snakes enclosure,
I feel so hopless
As if i'm a duck in a pond full of swans,
I feel so out of place
As if i'm a cracked piece of china,
I feel so shattered
As if i'm just a hand puppet,
I feel so controlled
As if i'm only a dying flame,
I feel so close to the end


by Amanda Austin

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Whoa...Amanda, I had no idea you could write like that. That is truly amazing. Hope you don't mind but I copied it and saved it to my computer under your name. Seriously, that's the deal.