As If Affirmations

There are times when they come,
We all find ourselves...
Repeating those needs.
As if afirmations,
With wishes to have them completed...
Before an admiration of patience increases,
To forget what had been wished and wanted...
Had been a priority.

Once stated and done,
Most would leave their wishes alone...
To become fulfilled on their own.
How devoted to understanding can one get?
But there are those like myself,
Who would prefer not to have aged...
To grey too much with steps slower paced,
When those needs finally arrive to be done...
Hoping they are recognized as requests once made,
And who initiated the desire.

'Are you sure you have come to the right door?

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (1)

Well no, I'm not exactly sure. Tell me good sir, what is behind it? Is it the land of make believe and fantasy? Or a harsh reality that makes you feel as if you are still standing out in the cold? Upon entering the door is their some kind of transformation that occurs? Wisdom gain with patients endured. A magical cure that lures. An entrance to a completely different world. A view point that is not so obscure. Suddenly you can see across the horizon as the sun is setting you see all your previous hope and dreams. And come to a realization that can be still be achieved. Wow what a philosophy.