As If Invisible

There is nothing done,
In front of their faces...
Or heard coming from behind their backs,
Can they say with convincing eye contact...
They were not aware of or did not know.

They can,
Name it something else,
To leave as is...
But it is as it shows.
By the ones awakened,
Without their minds closed.

If they with their minds closed,
Had been hit by a truck...
And could not get up,
They would lay there and not be helped.
As if invisible,
By everyone else...
With familiar and similar mindsets.
From Sunrise to Sunset.

But if they are pricked and felt a pinch,
They would then exclaim...
Someone has made an attempt,
To threaten their lives.
Even though they could not identify...
Who or why the doer would do this.
Although they then would know...
Something was felt to complain about.
Something they still could not describe.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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