As If There Are Exceptions To Mother Nature's Rules

Allowing anxieties,
And embittered feelings...
Of how things should be,
And how we'd like to see them done...
From our own perspective.
Needs to be released,
From the minds of those continually feeding...
On beliefs people and things remain unchanged.

When a day comes a day goes.
There is not a season that stays as it is.
But adults who are still children in their minds,
Find it difficult to leave behind...
That which is not coming back.
And it becomes unfortunate for many,
Who are not accepting of this natural process.
As if there is a fairy princess that will magically,
'Wand' their troubles away.

Accepting what is with a moving on is part of life.
Many are stuck and just refuse to do it.
As if there are exceptions to Mother Nature's Rules.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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