As If This Torture Was Needed

concealed in the darkness
of one's own imagination
is the biggest fear
that I face

It creates horrifying images
that become trapped
in a replay
of constant torture

finally the replay dissapates
as I come out of the darkness
only to enter
an even darker torture

I would rather sit in darkness
than wake to a darker place
for the thing that once was my life
has become a hell, a demon

a horror in itself
I can't escape it
but I can with my dreams
but they are wrought with torture

so I deal with these demons
I suffer and become more
violent as time passes
but noone dares to even notice

by shelbie bozeman

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I absolutly adore all your poems. You are a great poet and enjoy to keep these long and bold. Thanks for writing so many because they are very fun to read.