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As Im With You..

my sudden interest..
in you, as weird as that may sound..
im starting to like you.
i know you got guys all around you.
i know im just another friend of yours.
but i hope that maybe, you'll give me a try?

i know i aint much,
i know i dont have everything.
but for you ill try and give all that i've got.
i wanna be your man.
can i?
will you accept me?
cause as i speak to you everyday..
im falling more and more in love with you.
my heart pounds like no other.
my love for you grows.
as you lean against me..
my heart pounds
a thousand times faster...

by Dislocated Heart

Comments (5)

WOW..thats kinda how my friend feels about me lol..kinda weird to say..Well i love the poem! ! Keep writing! ! Your a GREAT poet! !
Hi, Expressive. Let her know you care. Keep up with the writing. It'll be great for you.
amazing... if u let that girl read this poem.. she just might understand how much u like her..
uh...let me guess whos that poem for? probably for some girl... lol jk great poem! very awesome -curly
penned very beautifully, thanks for sharing.