(January 01 / Earth?)

As Introduction Gleams

Every knowledge has fashion
illustrating the front, the turn
the ideals; and in time, one may
come to learn of the wisdom in such
knowledge, allegedly; once processing
fundamentally, a profound suggestion's
trigger, of either violation or expectation
as, a pleasant smile and greeting, is only
what it seems, and not the truth within
an intention or fashion or compassion.
And yet, while comprehension is busy
processing, an images bounty or any
expectation's beauty, that underlie
of curiosity slowly turns to doubt
outing perceived perceptions of
the truth within wanting to be
set free, and accepted as just
that; a simplification of the
conversation within any
further conversations
that may arise, and
when this is made
as emphasis is
placed into
in esteem
of, an agreed
upon introspective
mute; as silence raves
the introduction gleams

by Michael Walkerjohn

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I find it difficult to follow the meaning with all these chasmodies[=split the meaning into two or more verses.