As Is Of Us

Poem By Vision Ghost

From a conjured thought, is fathomed and forgotten
Diminishing rust, of a partial intrigue be begotten
Crimson wine sways sweetly, across a full body
Relishing of these passions, for that of an eternity

If the teasing of apprehensive ways, method beauty
Then perhaps in confusion, we found the simplicity
For in each fading second, a newest pasture is born
That we stagger each day, for comprehension sworn

Mystery founded in curiosity, and unbridling seams
Newer sources founded, for digging deeper streams
A conclusion dumfounded, by curiosities deepened
Every mountain, so climbed is a hill, yet steepened

Continuation is of a key, to unlock such mysteries
But we never stop walking, as we walk to the ages
Of a youth slipping away, somehow and to forever
Unforgiving in such times, of a destinies operetta

As of every beginning, is to tender until the world
Hath reaped strengthening, of the man and woman
From the boy and girl, we so cherish in our hearts
Identification thus to individual, and secular parts

Tick as the time clocks on, to see a new aging on
That the world fathoms, a scar for this face upon
And does this soul, weakened, but doth ages again
As many generations past, in such honour and pain

Yet in love and passion, we do decreed our mentors
To politicize a new motion, in such unspoken laws
History so depicted, by the craving of human hands
That in property of selfishness, across the very lands

If only we could see the key, of existence from pride
To love another as an equal, in such communal stride
To gather strength from unity, of a brotherhood of love
To save a planet from corporate greed, and free the dove

Comments about As Is Of Us

Brilliant poem; love the last verse. Your comments on mine would be much appreciated. By the way, your other commentor, is also one of my fans and lives in wrexham! ! ! Small world ain't it.
Great finish - and so true. Loved the poem and you've written it brilliantly, Steve

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