TTO ( / Washington State)

As It Once Was...

Before the clouds announced the tempest
Before the nations bowed and prayed
Before the bridges were rebuilt
Before 'the truth' was afraid;

There was nothing but blue skies - amazing
And hope reflected in mirrors of time
Windows of friendship - everlasting
When 'selective' memory was a crime;

We walked together hand in hand
Flawed as human beings often are
But always with an inner kindness
Embracing even friends from afar;

With an inner beauty ever shining
Where doubt knew no one
Where evening passed easy into the Aurora
Come morn- welcoming a new born sun;

By, Theodora Onken

April 30, 2016

by Theodora (Theo) Onken

Comments (2)

Yes, it does Kelly. For me it was. i have many fond memories and hold them close in my heart.
The past always seems so much simpler.