As It Should Be / T.C.B.

When your normal (life) routine is disrupted by just one thing, it can bring it to a complete stop. Now this is where everyone would do 1 of 2 things, either fix what's broken which will for sure take the most time. Or take the 2nd choice, and that's just go ahead and replace w/e is busted and get going and deal with it later.This may save a lot more time, however it's gonna cost you the most over all.
This is where a GYPSY will make a (3rd) choice.If all the pieces around you are strong and smart enough then they can cover things till...LATER

Build your life, what is in your circle in your life strong and you can have that gypsy 3rd choice too..
Thank you for letting me rent a lil space in your head for a wee bit, cheers.
Gypsy Pain

by Gypsy Pain

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