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As It Should Be

I saw you today,
In the wild brown eyes
Of a doe. She studied me
With an intensity I've never known
And I wondered why she didn't run away.

I heard your voice
Reflected in the hawk
Circling overhead, his power
Magnified by elegant grace, and I
Was honored to have you watch over me.

I felt your spirit
Singing as the trees
Bowed to you and I swayed
With the music, in awe of being in the
Presence of greatness beyond imagination.

I saw you today,
Felt, and heard you in
The most spectacular images
And I knew all was as it should be.
You walk and breathe with me; life is good.

by Pamela Davison

Comments (3)

I want to perceive things like this poem does, cross my heart.
feels very nice, Pamela. no need for post-modern histrionics when divine order is self-evident.
Oh, yeah...this is great...you are so wise to see God in everything and know you are blessed.... Wado...