As It Stands, The One Night...

On time both arrived
He is there already
But as he her sees, hides
She sees thought the dark
Confused and free she walks
The Ocean is all light
and the full moon so bright
she sees through darkness
and awaken her senses.

' My God, there behind is a rich Prince
Why coincidences mingle two different worlds? '
Humble she lays her torches down on the sand
Runs to the Goddess' blessings
Praying for God she touches the waters
'Blessings my Father, I am Alive! '
She thanks Yemanja who whispers:
' Walk back my daughter, Go warm,
With confidence towards him~
Cold wind will blow, whatever happens...
be yourself My Angel, and Enjoy! ! ! ! '

None of them have a watch
Time flies by, remembrances or hypnosis
Magic Moments, Animal Satisfaction or
Soul clearance, no time to think...His Falcon voice
close calling distance sounds: What time is it?
The Tantric Gentleman’s goodbye...
Life Guarded Night, Stood as One.

by Blue Angel

Comments (2)

be yourself angel and enjoy! loved this line.......
very nice poem, it was really soothing