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As It Were

piles of apples strewn and broken robbed as it were
from all they knew to be true
do you
think of these things you know as it were as a child might
inanimate objects might have feelings
anthropomorphism of a teddy bear
feelings have weight so
if a person believed hard enough
things just become true.
kind of like
God did, when He made us, right?
I mean, He just chose us.
like I choose my porcelain dolls.
to be alive.
we might as well do something. the linkin logs are all broken, Brenna, mom threw out my Legos and trashed my robots, well
we might as well do something with it.
there where the sunlight shafts peer through the maze of very old shutters and ancient curtains but they
do something unique don't they
with the dust it

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