As Jer Long Used To Say

The river at Aubane above Millstreet Town
Is flowing bank high in flood waters of brown
And Mushera behind gray fog hidden away
In the morning of a chilly October Autumn day

The bleak days of Winter with each passing day near
For the Duhallow farmers another poor year
Their livestock must survive the Winter on poor quality feed
For them a grim financial outlook indeed

For Irish music and dancing a place of renown
The people in view of Mushera do not allow life's cares to get them down
In the Hall at Aubane they dance their cares away
Laughter is the best of medicine as some like to say

Jer Long of Annagloor who was raised in Aubane a man i used to know
Used to say we have lived through hard Winters and never eaten the snow
When we live through the hard times good times are our due
To such a philosophy in Aubane they remain true

The Autumn weather is poor a tough Winter may be ahead
But that hope springs eternal truer words never said
The river at Aubane is flowing bank high today
But things will only improve as Jer Long used to say.

by Francis Duggan

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