As Liars They Do Live

Most politicians untrustworthy since they do regularly lie
As liars they do live and as liars they will die
In parliament the government and opposition members obscenities at each other do shout
And their only worry is at lying that they will be found out
Many of them corrupted and in their ways they do seem rather small
And as people in any way not nice at all
The politicians voted into parliament by the voters on election day
Of their fellow opposition members do never have nice things to say
Though many of the people who voted them into parliament sing their praises loud
Of the most of our politicians we have a good reason not to feel proud
On their lavish ex politician pensions they age in a life of luxury
Whilst many poor people live in extreme poverty
To many politicians it is not hard at all to lie
As liars they do live and as liars they will die.

by Francis Duggan

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