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As Life Goes On
KS (2/28/1995 / )

As Life Goes On

Poem By krista something

you gotta take the good
with the bad
smile with the sad
love what you got
and remember what you had
learn to forgive
but never forget
learn from your mistakes
but never regret
people change,
things go wrong
just remember
life is what go's on
but time by time
you will learn
what you did wrong
and what you did right
forget what people say
because they just
wish they could
be you
let them keep talking
stuff about you
there just makeing you
and that from my point of veiw
and that is what i say
just forget
as life go's on

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Id like to know how your contacting the administrator to set that date back... or if the entire world is watching me and people are contact people to do this. or if you are using some form of advanced software which allows you to manually edit the pages and Im actually browsing an offline copy
Do girls really laugh at me? I guess its a big change from everyone crying.
I dont think I am ever going to realize what I did wrong
Krista, you know I love you very much. But tell me you didnt write all the poems.
So whats the deal here. I know in class I blanked out and said a lot of stuff. I was aware for most of it. You have to believe me when I tell you I didn't do anything wrong. You have to believe me