As Long As I Am Faithful..

I would like to look into the eyes of the Gods,
And fall in love with them as their special dove,
I take the books which are supported by hearts,
Try to pick a few from them to be my love,

As one has no gender and figure, I am not interested,
As he may not know the soft and hard feelings of ours,
I ask him to wait outside to have his neutral eyes fixed,
A few others are too cruel and want to punish me,

At every mistake committed with their piercing eyes,
Heaven and hell tactics with constant karmic effects,
So I can't look into their eyes to fall in love with them,
As I am too scared with my tainted mind,

Which is full of naked truth with no lies,
There are a few children gods who are too cute,
But I can't tell them all my adult issues,
The ones with long robes of white and multi color,

Want me to beg around first to fall,
In love with them later or never,
These Gods are very old and time tested,
Girdle to carry my sorrows on their saddle,

I have chosen the three Gods,
The meditating Siva who is in a generous mood,
The prosperous Vishnu, the God of debts,
Who can shower me with lots of borrowed notes,

And The four headed Brahma, the creator,
Are my love and I can look into their eyes,
And chant with them as I want and wish,
Not obligated with so many do and don't.

by Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi

Comments (3)

Faithfulness is a tremendous and excellent deities like quality of human soul. This should be kept alive for creatures, creation and God. Very nice thought and excellent work shared on.
A very interesting and well written poem about the gods, I never realized how many there were. Your descriptions are very telling and informative, I found this poem to be enlightening. Thank you very much for sharing it. RoseAnn
How happy you might be while praying to the TRIO of Gods! I am sure in your prayers you will be remembering the adult Gods about the issues concerning the children... The poem is all pervasive of devotion and unshaken faith... Happy to read your poems again and happier that you have read mine too madam.