As Long As Others You Never Harm In Any Way

As long as others you never harm in any way
Or untruthful things of them never do say
And help anyone you can of your help who is in need
Then for your own good Karma you do plant the good seed

As long as in your words you never drag anyone down
Or feel superior to anyone else in the town
And for those doing it tough feel some sympathy
You have the great gift that's known as empathy

As long as in your successes humble you do remain
And from boasting of self in public you refrain
And pay to everyone the respect they are due
To the higher self you are one who is true

As long as you never find pleasure in anyone's physical or mental pain
And from the misfortune of others never seek for to gain
And never succumb to jealousy or greed
Then you do live as a good person indeed.

by Francis Duggan

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