As Long As They Do Not

As long as they do not spread of me malicious lies
That to assasination of character does give rise
The opinions of others does suit me fine
And what they say of me is no business of mine

Not everyone of you has nice things to say
You win some and lose some since life is this way
The one without an enemy does not have one true friend
To say otherwise would be to pretend

That some people are born for to please everyone
When every day old friendships are lost and new friendships are won
But the kindest of people are known to believe
That to live a good life one must give to receive

You may be the kindest and nicest person in the town
But always a few in words to put you down
The words of a wise person i do recall
You may well win some but you won't win them all

As long as in public untruths of me they do not say
The opinions of others with me is okay
Though you live as a good person there are always a few
Who will criticize you this is nothing new.

by Francis Duggan

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