As Long As What They Say Of Me

As long as what they say of me is true that with me is fine
Since what others say of me is no business of mine
Since i live in my own way and do my own thing
And it bothers me none if none my praises do sing
From one in need of my help i never turn and walk away
For what goes around comes around as the wise one does say
In life it is said we must give to receive
On such a philosophy i am one who believe
I am not a person who is free of taint
But i never did say that i was a saint
Yet to reap the good Karma one must sow the good seed
And one should help anybody of helping in need
And as long as they do not lie when speaking of me what others say of me with me fine
For what they say of me is no business of mine.

by Francis Duggan

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