As Long As You Have Good Health

As long as you have good health then life for you not so bad
Though you are searching for work and feeling a bit sad
And little for to smile about with little cash to spend
The one with heaps of money is never short of a friend
But you are young and single, fit and healthy and time is on your side
And maybe you should travel the World out there is wide
You seem quite young for worrying a young man of twenty three
A World out there to be explored for one of ties that bind free
You've spent most of your life in this town time to try your luck elsewhere
Lots of opportunities and jobs for young people like you in the big cities out there
Yet you are a home loving person and home you wish to stay
And you have no wish to travel to big cities far away
Though out of work at present in a small town where jobs are few
A job you are bound to get and a fresh start anew.

by Francis Duggan

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