TRM (7/21/92 / Rochester MN)

As Long As You'Ll Be Happy

I'll suffer
I'll cry
I'll bleed
Myself dry
As Long As You'll Be Happy

I'll run
I'll fight
I'll hurt
Every night
As Long As You'll Be Happy

I'll turn away
I'll hide
I'll hold it all
Deep inside
As Long As You'll Be Happy

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I have to know, if you might share your reasons, what thing or things happened to you to make you so willing to Love and give even though you express a sense that the giving is so one-sided. I know what my own reasons are, and that is why I understand your poems, and hold them dear, but I am so very intrigued by your willingness to conclude that Love, for you, is all giving but very little sharing, in the sense of each giving to the other? ? ? ? I haven't read a poem that I did not like or understand as of yet. You have the gift, and you know how to put all of yourself in your poetry.
You are obviously a very caring and loving person, but remember you need to be happy too. Lovely poem, I enjoyed reading it. Thankyou--Melvina--
Hey i like your style You chose a title really similar to mine... ;) Read my poem 'As long as you're happy' if you like..? See you