As Long As You'Ve Not Harmed Any Other

As long as you've not harmed any other or to none been unfair
Of how others look upon you why should you even care
Just leave them to their judgemental ways since they have nothing better to do
And they are not critical of others when they are criticizing you.

Leave them to their judgemental ways is all that one can say
Suppose they cannot help it if they act in this way
Some people are quiite ignorant and in their ways quite small
They do not know the meaning of a fair go for all.

Their thoughts are like the stunted weeds that never take to flower
In comparing of people gives them a sense of power
They cannot help the way they are that's people one suppose
Callous people do not grow kinder when they dress in stylish clothes.

As long as you have not harmed any other why hide away in shame
despite negative comments of the unenlightened life for you goes on as the same
Do not go down to their level your moral honour bar you ought to raise
For you do not need such people's judgements as little as you'd need their praise.

by Francis Duggan

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