As Lucky As Lucky Can Be

By circumstance of birth I am lucky I am lucky as lucky can be
I could have been born to poor parents and I could have been a refugee
To the lady of luck I feel grateful she always has been kind to me
I've never known homelessness and hunger and I've never known poverty
I've never been sick or been injured and though ageing my bones free of pain
By life I have not been hard done by of such you won't hear me complain
I have every reason to feel happy in a World where suffering is rife
In many ways I feel so lucky I have never known of the hard life
I live in a wonderful Country in a beautiful town by the sea
In the lush green park by the ocean I hear the song of the pee wee
White butterflies flit in the sunshine and birds whistle on bush and tree
And the flowers of Nature are blooming and beauty is all around me
Moneywise I am not very wealthy but lady luck to me is kind
And with the life that I am living a fault as such I cannot find.

by Francis Duggan

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