As Memories Fade

To see you here and there
Would be quite the dream
Three long years pass by
And seldom a few words
But once again you cross
My mind and I cant help
But wonder if you still
Dream of me, if possibly
You feel me in your heart
If only to see your smiling face
To test the waters that run beneath
Just to know for sure whats meant to be
All the bitterness fades away
And I hear my heart call your name
I taste regret for the things I have done
The simple things I just could not say
And now to write them seems the only way
To understand the change I feel
A little frightened as tables turn
Afraid to call but afraid to leave it be
I just wonder if you think of me
Even if just how I have been
i dont know why it hits me like this
Just to see you smile, to feel your kiss
We always swore forever, now I wonder
If that could ever truly be and so forms
A faded portrait of you and me

by kamryn chew

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