As Most Are Aware

It is each to their own and as most are aware
An artist and a sports fan have nothing in common to share
With those who share interest in common everyone socialize
To see a lover of opera in a car racing club would be a surprise
Variety is the spice of life as the wise one does say
And that our different interests make us more interesting as people it does seem this way
If we all had similar interests and on all things did agree
A boring Human World it surely would be
People of similar interests in their own small groups every night
In the local pub this is a common sight
People of similar interests to socialize in their own groups are known
As has often been said it is each to their own
Car racing fans do not socialize in the town's bowls club
They have their own small group in the local pub.

by Francis Duggan

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Communist would not agree But I think, that's the way That things should be. Enjoyed this poem very much.