As Mother's Day Approaches.

As Mother's Day approaches.

As Mother's Day approaches,
We think of the mam we love,
For those lucky please talk to them,
Sadly, many are in the heavens up above.

We will all have fond memories,
Of all the times we needed care,
We never needed to ask for it,
Mam would always be right there.

As Mother's Day approaches,
It won't ever be too hard,
To take a few moments out of your busy day,
And get that Special Mam a card.

We all have busy lives to live,
Don't forget you have a true gem,
But we will only ever have one Mother,
On Mother's Day let them know you love them!

Written by David Boyce
02 March 2018
DavidBoyce Copyright 2018

by David Boyce

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I like the sentiment in this one (and an important one to remember) Great work - EN