As My Body Aches

Poem By Vision Ghost

Cultivated thought for a passing, of another day
Back gripped in ache, of the labour to make pay
Simplest equation, of a chore carried in burden
To exercise the sinews, of man so muscle laden

Of templates set, for the focus of a daily routine
Worked to the accordance, for the ever pristine
So part of me lives this way, with so much pride
To return to the arms, of my lover I can’t hide

The beginning of day set to the rising, of the sun
Grateful I am not the servant, to the call of the gun
But more the virtuous creator, of beautiful things
In ending of time, I can stand tall as my bell rings

Deep in my heart, that is pounding so hard inside
At least I am lucky, to have love so I may confide
I am not lonely in the thoughts, of fellow followers
Of what is right and retired, from dictating collars

To never be led, but always leading on self principle
Conjuring the answer, so to simply stun the cynical
As the muscles ache, and the day is now completed
Knowing I never said a lie, and will never be defeated

For all the pressing duties, encircled into one meaning
A sleep that’s comes so easy now, as does dreaming
Rest here by myself; and the world is silent in night
Closing eyes to see the pictures, of the day’s plight

Just hold me close, and remind of when I am tender
For the hard back of the day, is fulfilled in yonder
My arms reserve, a simplest strength of them all
Of passions released, the day shall seemingly fall

A completion of this man, in this daily innuendo
Added to time, as yet another day is, thus through
So rest here I do, as my body aches, in satisfaction
That I am the man, who has made this deliberation

Comments about As My Body Aches

i like the way you make the reader feel the pain...O.o or maybe it's just me.

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