AA (Nov.30th 1989 / )

As No One Cares

My tears fall
More than I smile
My laughter fades
With your heart beat that goes
I can’t stand
From everything I hide from
Everyone I hide behind
I hurt a lot more
Since you walked away
That’s why I don't walk
I run
Run right after you
But you left before I could go
I left everything behind
Even my heart
I put that in my safe
So I would not fall for another
And that's still why
I cry more than I smile
Close my eyes more
Than I open them so I could smile
I sleep more than I should
Just to past my life by
But when I wake
I cut my wrist
As everyone looks
Cause none of them care
That I heart beats slow
My smile never shows
My tears cover up the floor
All with my head down in shame
But only when I wake
When I sleep I dream of us
Together once again
Baby I’ll always love you

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