As Often In My Flights Of Fancy

I did spend my best years in Millstreet and in retrospect i recall
That it was a place of famous sports people in athletics and gaelic football
And though sports to many are important the best memories of Millstreet to me
Are of the landscape and waterways home to the wild and the free
The place where i grew to love Nature when i was a very young boy
And my many walks in the old fields were things that i used to enjoy
When to the warmth of Spring Clara Mountain did lose his Winter hat of snow
Where the rushes grew tall in the damp fields the male wild pheasant did crow
And cattle out of the farm sheds on winter of silage and hay
On nutritious young grass of lush pasture were putting on weight by the day
And the dipper did sing in the morning in the rapids of the silver tongued rill
That babbled it's way to the river from it's birthplace the field by the hill
And the familiar song of the chaffinch to this day with me does remain
As often in my flights of fancy i walk in the old fields again.

by Francis Duggan

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