WV (17/04/1968 / Malaysia)

As One

How they wish...
The months will skip,
From January to March..
Kicking the stumpy February,
Out of the yearly calender list n lines.

Their mind seems to drift...
Into a lonesome path,
Twirling around their head
Is their sweet memories, the past! !

With extra “spicy” nostalgic...
Adding a pinch of shyness in their smile.
Stirring it all together: -

The words...
The promises …
The taste…
Of a true love..! !
With high flames,
Tremendous heat.

The distance that keeps them apart
Will it be defeated one day?
As their affection,
Is getting stronger day by day! ! !
Will they be able
To be in each other’s arm?
Sharing everything, forever
AS ONE….! ! ! ?

Now…they! ! !
Anxiously waiting,
To meet again.

End of march! ! !
Will be another beginning, …

A Journey will continue,
On the same lane.
Till then,
Drifting away….in a 'hot', sweet dreams.
Erasing the agony...as well as the pain.


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