DLK (Dec.1948 / Lake Forest, Illinois)

As One

The moons soft glow throughout the night, reflects a noon day sun,
Though it's great beauty is temporary, and relies upon someone,
How much greater are we in life, that we rely on another,
Are we not coupled to shine as one, and not to stifle or smother?

Instead reflect a strong love shared, and taking only essentials,
Two separate lives as one are joined, providing many potentials,
The coupling of mere mortals here, can experience being creator,
Together traveling this mortal life, the synergy makes life greater.

The sun the moon and even beyond, play their part indeed,
Heavenly bodies conjoined for us, their reflections at light speed,
Yet God the father provides this all, Holding all in place,
And God the mother provides emotion, that all can feel this grace.

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