As One Of The Opinionated

As one of the opinionated i well may be
But for those doing it tough i do feel sympathy
Like the plants of the un-weeded garden that cannot bloom to flower
The unfortunate victims of the people of power

I may be opinionated when i do not like what i see
And i speak my mind on it but then this is me
To speak for the sinned against is my greatest sin
My only tool is words and justice for them i cannot win

I may be opinionated in some of the things i do say
But the majority of people it would seem are this way
What some are paid in an hour to many is more than a week's pay
Inequality is rife in the Human World of today.

For one of my years of material things i do not have for to show
And i can be opinionated of myself that much i do know
I speak for the poor bloke and the long suffering wife
And the many unfortunate people who are hard done by life.

by Francis Duggan

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