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As Our Time Comes To An End
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As Our Time Comes To An End

Poem By Thea Meggeson

This is a poem I wrote while attempting to deal with my Grandpa's sudden diagnosis of cancer, and the mishaps we have had over the years. He passed away after only a few short months battling the disease, but this poem helped me to make the best of the time we had. So this goes out to Grandpa Gabe, who will always be remembered and loved in my heart, and in others.

We never were very close
I resented you for what you did
I could not forgive you
Instead I ran and hid

You tried to get close
I pushed you away
You made me mad
I had nothing to say

Then something happened
To open my eyes
Bells started to ring
And I realized

Life is too short
Grudges mustn’t be held
That’s when I decided
I must tell you how I felt

I didn’t know how to show
The love I felt for you
What to say, where to start
I really had no clue

And now our time is ending
Before it’s even began
I know now, when it’s too late
That you are a really great man

Now as I watch you slowly fade
And wipe tears from my eyes
A big part of me
Also dies

I’m scared for you
I’m scared for me
But we all know
You must be set free

So from now
Until we meet again
My love for you
I always will send

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