As Parents Remember Proverbs 22: 6 & Ecclesiastes 7: 1

As parents remember that you are the only original guide,
Mom and dad set the mold or pattern for children’s lives,
Proverbs 22: 6, “train up a child in the way he should go, ”
Early instruction signifies what direction the wind will blow.

Grab a Webster’s dictionary, looking up the word esteem,
Put the words high then low before, now what does it mean?
If it’s the latter, you’re seeking an excuse to quit and do less,
Or are you that someone who looks forward to the test?

Ecclesiastes 7: 1, a 'good name' sets the standard boundary,
I understand this to mean it is giving rules a basic legitimacy,
Sure is tough being a parent harder than I ever thought it’d be,
Only now do I understand what parents went through with me.

Hindsight is the best sight; “If I could do it all over again” is true,
However, since that is just impossible start now and begin anew,
All children will grow older and at eighteen most will know it all,
Feeling no need whatsoever to answer or obey their parent’s call.

If some didn’t at fifteen or earlier, then just what are we to do?
Constantly remind them God all things begin and end with You,
Not by what we tell them since action speaks louder than words,
Forget passively as a noun, but radical instruction like the verb.

Hey parents! At home you cuss, you smoke, you drink,
When your kids grow-up they will, what do you think?
However, everyday they see you read the bible & pray,
Your children’s children will respond in the same way.

Does it always turn out like this, how about the majority?
Those whom do not pick up these habits are a minority,
Till they leave home most will do what whatever’s seen,
Are you loving, kind, compassionate or down right mean?

As we diligently tutor our off spring an example will be set,
Do you trample over others? Taking all that you can get?
Punishment from God isn’t always, swift as it should be,
Remember mom and dad won’t have the luxury of eternity.

Many children are afflicted from the very first breath taken in time,
Thanks to parents who have nothing but themselves on their mind,
Starvation, sickness, beatings, crying for various reasons day & night,
Because those responsible for birth had to be a couple of butt-wipes.

by Luke Easter

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