As People We All Are So Different

The religious worship god in their house of worship and the royalist people to their royal bow
Whilst others love their cat or dog or pet bird and others even have their sacred cow
It takes all kinds for to make the human World if we were all alike how boring life would be
You ask two people for their opinion on any given subject and more than likely they will not agree.

Some good at sports and others good actors and some are born to entertain
And some become serial offenders referred to as the descendants of Cain
And some become lawyers and politicians and learn how to live by their guile
And others cheat you out of your money and about it they even can smile

And some to helping the poor devote their lives their main aim in life to do good
The people who work for good causes and who would help you if they could
Quite selfless the World's unsung heroes they are in a class of their own
They perform their corporal works of mercy for which they do not wish to be known.

As people we all are so different but like they say it takes every kind
And even in a barrel of rotting apples some good apples you too will find
And the reaper who treats all of us as equals is the one with the final say
For each of us he will be waiting and he has appointed the day.

by Francis Duggan

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