KCB (Febuary/27/1993 / A'burg)

As Perfect As Imperection Could Be

She sings in hair brushes,
she dances in the rain,
he pulls her in and kisses her pain away,
he's her morphine,
everything she could possibly want him to be,
he's gave her a pupose,
a reason to be,
hes her everything and more you see,
she'll walk with him hand-in-hand
till death do them part
because they have been right together from the start,
so she'll hold him in her arms,
and stare into his blue eyes,
while he stares into her green eyes,
he tells her he loves her more,
but only if he knew
that he's her life,
her world,
hes her best addiction, and everything in between,
as perfect as imperection could be,
she loves her emo boy,
for now and eternity

[i love you Brandon]

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