As Resplendent As A Renoir!

I wish I could own a Renoir, a master of the arts.
You see, to me, he was a star! He's captured many hearts!
He had a sense of fun, that's true! He sensed Man's need, of course!
That's why he painted just for you! Life's promise to enforce!
We were not meant for cold, dark rooms! We seek out summer days!
We do not seek the dooms and glooms! We like the summer haze!
We thrive on picnics in the sun! We celebrate with friends!
We take that party spirit won until the evening ends!
We swim, we dance, we toast the joy that God put deep within!
We play with every girl and boy! Sometimes we let them win!
Yet most of all we look around! Exploring all the while!
Rejoicing at the gifts we've found that thrill us till we smile!
That's life! Not hiding in the house! Not sulking, life's not fair!
Not skulking round as if a mouse! But outside... everywhere!
The colours Nature shares are grand! The flowers bid us near!
The birds may glide down, softly land, as if they show no fear!
Why, then, can't we, enjoy life, too! ? Paint pictures like Renoir!
Who knows what artwork you can do? Just wish upon a star!

by Denis Martindale

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