(15/07/56 / Curragh Camp, Co. Kildare, Eire.)


I watched the glory of her childhood change,
Half-sorrowful to find the child I knew,
(Loved long ago in lily-time),
Become a maid, mysterious and strange,
With fair, pure eyes - dear eyes, but not the eyes I knew
Of old, in the olden time!

Till on my doubting soul the ancient good
Of her dear childhood in the new disguise
Dawned, and I hastened to adore
The glory of her waking maidenhead,
And found the old tenderness within her deepening eyes,
But kinder than before.

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good use of alphabetic symbols
'ABC book for lovers' could be the title of your love poems collection - complete works by a complete poet. There should be an issue in kind of a Braill, where one uses the fingers for reading, because your poems are often very sensual :) . This is just my first thought after reading 'as simple as abc'...
Uhn, uuuhh! You complete me...simple as ABC...